A cooking show for French Recipes at the Lake Balboa Studio. That's our Assistant Director and Camera operator Christine Lori sampling the dessert! Ohhh La La!

Our Guest Nancy Gassner-Clayton - Singer & Performer

Originally from California, Gabriel Garcia Zuniga is an educator and comedian.  Some of his recent endeavors include performing with his sketch comedy group "Outrageous."  The group creates hilarious characters ,such as "Cabana Boy" for the M & M Show. Gabriel is a part of "Theatre for Youth" which celebrates culture, uniqueness and supports the love of art.  His recent projects include "As Straw Before The Wind" at the Complex in Los Angeles.   "The Sex Show," at Highways and "California," "The Tempest" with the Cornerstone Theatre. He is ecstatic about working with the two crazies Marguerite Fair and Michael Tatlock.

Our New Year's Show with AD Christine Lori

The M & M Show is a Web Show that you will not want to miss. Start your Tuesday mornings out with Marguerite Fair, Michael Tatlock . Our shows are shot in our Burbank and Balboa Lake Locations. Be delighted with our insane banter and entertaining shows, which are taped in front of a live audience.  We have many special guests!

About Gabriel Garcia as our

"Cabana Boy"

Special Preview of the Burbank Rose Bowl Float from Start to Finish!  Video posted on January 1, 2018  7:00 AM~


On December 11, 2017, Fleet Easton will be receiving the Entertainer of the Year Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. This Award has been presented to many legendary stars, such as: Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Betty Davis, and Liza Minneli, to name a few!

Marguerite Fair as guest Mae West - with her body guard!

Prince Fleet Easton, a Special Guest on the M & M's Show for November!

Marguerite Fair and Michael Tatlock taping a show about the Rude People List from Marguerite's book: Am I Still Talking and did I say something funny?

By the pool at the Lake Balboa Studio!

What the World needs now is more Laughter!

A special surprise Birthday Party for Co-Host and Producer Michael Tatlock on August 22, 2017 - what a great time! Luz Oller is by Marguerite Fair on the far right. Luz is frequently in our audience and has been a guest on the show!